I have read numerous stories about the World Wars in Europe. I am a history buff and have a keen interest in this time period. I found something unique and special about the Gabriella Kovac book entitled “Georgina, Holocaust Survivor Stories.” Although the story is loaded with tidbits referencing the various international circumstances that led the world to war; this story permits us to view one of the world’s darkest periods through the eyes of woman who refused to give into oppression. Gabriella and Oliver R. Shead bring to life a time when courage was defined by the willingness to survive. Georgina’s courage and intelligence distinguished her at a time when women were not expected to display those qualities. The writers here take us on a somber journey; a time when hard knocks at your door could mean instant death. They invite us into their web of intrigue to view firsthand the horrors of war when families were torn apart and souls, hopes and dreams were crushed on a daily basis. The writers take us along on the journey with Georgina and her family. We feel the pain, we envision the hope and we rally in her courage and desire to survive at all costs. “Georgina, My Mothers Story” is a rare story that reaches deep into our soul and inspires us to face our own struggles and oppression with the same courage. This is a must read for those that love an uplifting story that is as valid today as it was nearly a century ago.