Motivational Speaker

Gabriella Kovac is an experienced public speaker and speaking coach in Sydney, with high-quality communication skills and a distinct understanding of the human capacity for survival and success in the face of difficult circumstances. 

Gabriella inspires audiences from a wide variety of backgrounds. She helps them to find the strength and understanding they need to overcome their adversities and improve their own lives and the lives of everyone around them. 

Speaking Events

Gabriella is available as a public inspirational speaker at a range of events throughout Australia, including:

  • Private business events
  • Corporate events
  • School events
  • College events
  • University events
  • Educational institutes 
  • Youth speaking events 
  • Women’s networking groups 
  • Business networking groups 
  • And more 

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Speaker Topics

Gabriella has spent the past decade speaking publicly on a range of important topics, including:

The Holocaust 

The daughter of a Jewish Hungarian Holocaust survivor, Gabriella has intimate ties to the tragedy of the European Holocaust, giving her the ability to speak on the topic in a truly personal and reflective way. 


Human Rights

Gabriella’s work as a female motivational speaker includes public advocacy for the full and effective recognition and enforcement of human rights throughout all nations, particularly in her home of Australia. 

Holocaust Survivor Stories

As the descendant of a number of Jewish Holocaust victims and survivors, Gabriella is the author of a best-selling work of Holocaust survivor non-fiction. For this reason, she is highly and personally knowledgeable on the subject of Holocaust victim and survivor stories. 

The 2013 Holocaust non-fiction book “Georgina: Holocaust Memoirs” recounts the true story of Gabriella’s mother’s survival through wartime and post-war Hungary. This has enhanced Gabriella’s already valuable insight into the real-life experiences of Holocaust survivors, and what these experiences tell us about human strength, compassion and determination against tremendous adversity. 

Handling Bullying and Unkindness

Gabriella’s inspirational talks include explanations of how to successfully deal with bullying and unkind behaviour in a range of environments, from school and the workplace to the home and beyond. 

Overcoming Adversities

As an inspirational speaker, Gabriella’s primary goal is to inspire her audiences to overcome all adversities in their lives, so that they may strive towards a better and more peaceful world.  

Author’s Talks on the Books She Has Written

Gabriella is also experienced in giving author talks about her books, from the non-fiction stories of Holocaust survivors or  World War 2 fiction, to children’s picture books

Her motivational public talks and interviews as a female speaker and author are invaluable to anyone with an interest in these genres, and in writing and public speaking on a general level.

Living Life in Your Magic Bubble

The wisdom of her mother and grandfather has strengthened Gabriella through her years of experience as a motivational speaker. She aims to share with others her comprehension of the gifts and tools that each of us can use to improve our lives and transform ourselves into who and what we want to be. 

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