Gabriella Kovac

Gabriella Kovac is an experienced Hungarian-Australian public speaker, speaking coach, and best-selling author. She is the daughter of a Jewish Holocaust survivor from Hungary.

Gabriella’s work is inspired by the lessons taught to her about strength, resilience, and compassion by her Hungarian Jewish family in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the Second World War. She has become dedicated to helping people develop the skills and confidence needed to overcome adversity in a complicated, and often cruel, world. 

An experienced public speaker, Gabriella has the knowledge and communication capabilities it takes to help you conquer any challenges in your personal and professional life.


Exciting News!

Georgina will be on stage in January 2022!


Gabriella’s book Georgina has been made into a stage production!

We will post the dates here as soon as possible


An Amazon #1 bestselling author, Gabriella Kovac has published works in a range of genres. These include the best Holocaust non-fiction book, “Georgina: Holocaust Memoirs,” based on the true story of her mother’s survival in Nazi-controlled Hungary.

Real-life survivor stories are retold in the World War 2 fiction novel, “Fierce Courage.” In contrast, Gabriella has also published children’s fiction books, including the delightful “Bobelee and Boboya.”


When her book, Georgina – Holocaust Memories, became an Amazon Best Seller, Gabriella Kovac dreamed that the book would become a contemporary Australian play some day.

Together, with the help of the talented director, Dr Annishka Oska, Gabriella’s dream is set to become reality, as she prepares to produce, alongside Lesley Badelles of Switch on Synergy, her new Australian play “Georgina” written by Lesley Badelles.

Georgina is premiering in Sydney Theatres in January 2022.

Motivational Speaker

Gabriella has inspired audiences as a public and motivational speaker since 2007, with her unique and informed insights into overcoming bullying and adversity.

Understanding the Holocaust and Holocaust survivor stories, and believing in achieving one’s full potential, Gabriella can help you find the strength and ability to handle your struggles and forge the life you’ve always wanted to lead. 

Speaking Coach

As a proficient public speaker, Gabriella is passionate about helping others in the Sydney area find their voice and develop the skills they need to communicate effectively with those around them.

She offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions aimed at addressing your individual concerns and goals. Gabriella can work with you on formulating your message, overcoming any fears of public speaking and becoming a capable and inspiring communicator. 

The Gift

A lesson passed down through generations, speaker Gabriella Kovac offers the wisdom that allowed her family to survive some of the harshest conditions imaginable and maintain their belief in the fundamental hope and potential of each individual. 

Overcoming Your Adversity

Are you looking to overcome challenges in your life? Public speaker, Gabriella Kovac, provides distinctive approaches to dealing with and mastering your unique difficulties with honour, dignity, and grace. 

Georgina: Holocaust Memoirs

An exploration of the true events surrounding her mother’s survival through the brutality of the Holocaust and the succeeding communist regime in their Hungarian homeland, Gabriella’s best-selling historical non-fiction book depicts the enduring human spirit and capacity for kindness and heroism even at the worst of times, allowing readers to better comprehend the hope and strength with which we can all strive to persevere. 

Exciting News!  Georgina 2020


Gabriella’s book Georgina has been made into a stage production!

We will post the dates here as soon as possible