Gabriella Kovac is the best-selling author of three recent books. Each has distinct characters and storylines that reflect Gabriella’s unique insights into the hope, compassion, and strength which we are all capable of.

From the best Holocaust memoirs and gripping World War 2 survivor stories to charming children’s picture books, Gabriella’s written works are respectful, honest depictions of the world and people’s own experiences that tap into the endless human potential for honour and success.

Georgina: Holocaust Memoirs

first book

This Holocaust survivor story tells the harrowing, yet inspirational, true story of young woman’s journey to survive and protect her family through the brutality of the Holocaust and post-war Hungary.

This 2013 non-fiction Holocaust survivors book and #1 Amazon best-seller was developed in collaboration with Oliver R. Shead. The story explores the real-life experiences of Gabriella’s mother, Georgina.

Georgina survived and helped her Jewish family live and grow under the oppressive conditions of Nazi World War 2 and communist post-war Hungary.

As the daughter of a Jewish Holocaust survivor, Gabriella believes this book to be one of the best and most authentically inspirational books portraying Holocaust survivors stories.

It does not avoid the tragedy and senselessness with which the Holocaust ripped apart the lives of so many victims and survivors. Moreover, it tells the true stories of how many Jewish people stood against evil and fought to maintain their own and their family’s survival and success, despite insurmountable odds.

The true story tells of how the young Georgina was able to survive the freezing cold, poverty, cruelty, and vicious battles in December 1944 Budapest, while protecting her newborn son, with only her wits and her father’s wisdom to guide her.

Georgina’s bravery helped her family persevere through the difficult years that followed. “Georgina – Holocaust Memoirs” is sure to grip and inspire any readers with an interest in the Holocaust, its history, or the daring and triumphant ability of the human spirit.

Fierce Courage


A gripping and adventurous story, based on real events, about a WWII Yugoslavian soldier’s determined quest for survival, freedom and a better life, against ongoing and difficult obstacles.

A World War 2 fiction novel, based on true war survivor stories, “Fierce Courage” tells the story of Ivo. A determined man who escaped his service in the Yugoslavian army, Ivo eventually fought his way to find freedom, romance, family and a new home in the beautiful land of Australia.

This war survivor and immigrant success story is told with heart and compassion from best-selling author Gabriella Kovac. It highlights the courage and drive which every single person has the ability to develop and enhance, to ensure a better life, not only for themselves, but for their families and everyone they love and care about.

“Fierce Courage” is one of the best World War 2 fiction novels, for the adventurer, the romantic, and the history buff alike.

Bobelee and Boboya: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Christmas is here and Poppy and Willow can’t wait for Grandma to arrive. She brings them presents, including two elves who love being naughty. Bobelee and Boboya like to hide very important things. Grandma knows how to outsmart them and teaches Poppy and Willow her secret. But the elves won’t give up! Will the children ever be able to stop them?

This enchanting 2015 children’s book, illustrated by Pricilia Anugrah, teaches children of all ages about the importance of keeping the home tidy, clean, safe, and comfortable.

Inspired by fond memories of stories told by her Hungarian grandmother, Gabriella created the “Bobelee and Boboya” series, a collection of educational children’s stories, intended to deliver wisdom about the value of kindness, effort, and family in entertaining and artistic ways.