As a little girl I recall the anguish my family suffered while my mother Georgina was locked up in  “ The House of Terror” in business-21673_640Hungary.

Dad just held my brother and I and cried.  My uncle Andor combed the city looking for a Solicitor to help get her out.

My Grandmother decided to send my mother toiletries and food daily. These parcels never reached her. The horror stories got worse. The solicitors said there was no way out and no money could help. We heard stories about bodies being minced and sent into the Danube.

Then one day, there was a knock at the door and my Mother stood there! She was a bit paler than usual but the first thing she said after the shock of her return subsided.

She said, “Well with the pictures of me all over town I better start something new!” To which my father replied, “The streets are paved with gold, let us find it again and pick it up.”

My family was astounded! Georgina, instead of being trembled by her near death experiences, she came out fighting with a more vigour and even more fighting spirit.

Georgina started her investigations. I recall that my mother and my aunty Irene were hand painting beautiful shear silk scarves with a paisley pattern. They then started making and printing handkerchiefs, where our bedroom was turned into a screen-printing factory by day. Awful smells of acids came from the bathroom.

In the 1950’s, chemicals were used to bring out the colour of paint used in screen-printing. The original colours would look like different shades of mustard, and then after the treatment, vibrant and beautiful colours came out.

This went on for several months.

Then, one day Georgina came home excited and said,  “I got it! The latest thing is painting white on black!”

Yes, she figured it out and “the streets again were paved with gold!”

In essence, Georgina figured out what was needed, wanted and delivered it. This is the secret!

Find what is needed, wanted then deliver it! Do not allow anyone to crush your dreams. Georgina never did, she never tolerated any opposition – this may not be popular by the majority, but it is ‘Not being nice’.

Did you know that the Rothschild’s made their fortunes by building oil refineries? The precarious business of digging for oil is not as profitable and a hit and miss. Refineries are needed to turn crude oil into its products etc petroleum. It is what is needed and wanted.

So what is the massage in all of this for you?

One, Find something that is needed and wanted.

Two, Be passionate about your idea and don’t allow dream stealers to steel it away.

Three, Deliver your product!

Four, Find your own street paved with gold.