We all have a story to tell! The more people I interact with on my journey to promote my book “Georgina” the more I am able to claim this is true.

The best way to teach you to self publish is to inform you of my journey, in hopes that you will be able to relate to my experience and this relevance will help you on a similar journey of self publishing.

My journey was sparked by my very first inspiring moment. As a four year old child, I was questioned by police where my grandmother and father only looked on, did not help, but I could sense the fear within them.

How do you think this would affect a four year old child? –  It affected me.

At that moment, where there was an absence of hope, my beautiful, stunning mother came in, she requested that these police put me down, and at that instance, they did!

From then on, I watched her and her incredible feats with ore, but it took till now to write it all down.

I had fears of not being able to type, and that my story would lack the strength as I felt my English would not be good enough.

I am sure we have all this problem of wanting to do something but having self doubt, which draws us away from not doing it.

This is why we really have to overcome our own fears and doubts.

Four years ago I attended a seminar with Brett McFall. Brett helps many with internet marketing and I found him very generous with his knowledge. I do recommend anyone interested to go to his seminars or network to meet other like minded people, as this helps not only with knowledge, but with confidence.

I met a very nice man, named Stuart Fish, who was also an author on Kindle. He told me that  one can self publish on Amazon from ten pages on.

From here I started to work and wrote 16 pages.  It took months. The first 16 pages!

I started to go to Meetups and started to learn about self publishing. Meetups are a wonderful invention and I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to find out about different concepts that they are passionate about. It entails a group of people meeting up to discuss different subjects they interested in. I found great people who helped me in designing the front cover of my book. They also helped me type it correctly as well.

Finally the cover and the corrections of the book were ready, and then with Stuarts help we published Georgina on Kindle.

A couple of months passed. I received a cheque from Kindle. Stuart helped to do a search on Amazon. Wow! Wow ! Wow! Thousand of my book Georgina was sold.

For the next several months my favourite time was where I would log on to Kindle and see just how many books were sold!

I definitely recommend that anyone who is interested in writing to follow this step: “market research” first and see if there is interest in your book. Once you know there is interest in your book, you can then spend the time and effort needed to self publish.

Next time I explain about the steps needed to continue on the road to self publish.