A few weeks ago we had a Hail storm in Sydney. This has not happened since I have lived in Sydney.

That has been a very long time ago from now.

Yes that is ice on the cars and the ice in the park opposite.

I started reminiscing about the last time I saw so much ice.

I was just ten years old till then in Hungary and as you can see snow was all around almost everywhere. SnowBlog-003

My mother Georgina took us to the Gellert Hill to a friend’s hunting lodge. Gellért Hill is a 140-m high dolomite rock rising above the Danube in Buda. It is one of our favourite excursion spots besides Margaret Island, in the Buda Hills.  While going up towards the hill the road is on a spiral until we arrive at the hunting lodge mostly in the winter. My brother and I had a wonderful time playing in the snow building the snowman and having the little enjoyable snow fights.

The most memorable part of our trip was going home. Mum decided that instead of the usual transport we should take advantage of the spiral road in the snow, which was the moment to remember. In the lodge there were some snow ledges we found.

Then on the snow sledge we went from the top of the hill on the icy road all the way to the bottom. What fun I still recall mum taking the curves in the spiral road with the competence.

At the bottom of the hill was a farm with new born lambs their appearance were such a wonder to see and a lifetime to treasure.

The snow was just breaking here and we picked the flitted snow drops like a glittering glory.


These little white flowers come out just under the snow in Hungary. Very pretty a wonderful fun hunting for them in a cold icy forest.

After our wonderful excursion in the forest we headed back to the farm.

At the farm we had hot chocolate cooked on a wood fire stove, played and patted the little lambs, then back to the city on a cable car.

In the Budapest at this time there were street vendors selling violets and chestnuts.

Mum bought me bunches of violets wrapped in their own leaves. The aroma would permeate the whole house. For such a small bunch of flowers, me as a small child I found it just magical. Mum knowing my fascination with the violets always managed to bring some home with her.


I still recall the fond memory walking in the smoky busy overcrowded streets of Budapest, the ice crunched under my feet on our way home. The cold air hitting my face as my breath formed a mist before me. The rest of my body was wrapped in a fur lined coat one hand holding my violets and the other holding on to my mum’s hand.

Then mother stopped at the chestnut vendor and bought us the chestnuts in a brown paper bag. She held the chestnuts to my brother and I munched them quickly as we strolled towards home.

I have never tasted the chestnuts as wonderfully good as on this particular occasion that was so much to be remembered.

Looking back I wonder if the amazing taste of these chestnuts had something to do with spending such a rare and wonderful time with my mother Georgina.

Tumble snow blow across the twisting curving road

And my mind escapes now I’m sure that the peace I find

Is the result of a victory escape and now I’m free

I’ve been traveling in this endless road with no destination in mind with my mum and brother

Memories I’ve made complete the map that complete the landscape.