“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.”

Attributed to Edmund Burke?

The question remains, “Who are good men? How can they be fooled?”

In 1941 during WWII, Hitler made a speech. Here is an extract:

“The Jews are the bane of mankind. If the Jews will be allowed to do as they will, like they are permitted in their Soviet heaven, then they will fulfil their most insane plans. And thus Russia became the center to the world’s illness… if for any reason, one nation would endure the existence of a single Jewish family, that family would eventually become the center of a new plot. If there are no more Jews in Europe, nothing will hold the unification of the European nations… This sort of people cannot be integrated in the social order or into an organized nation. They are parasites on the body of a healthy society, that live off of expulsion of decent people. One cannot expect them to fit into a state that requires order and discipline. There is only one thing to be done with them: To exterminate them. The state holds this right since, while precious men die on the battlefront, it would be nothing less than criminal to spare these bastards. They must be expelled, or – if they pose no threat to the public – to be imprisoned inside concentration camps and never be released.”

With this in mind, extermination camps were formed.

Nazis actually established about 20,000 camps between 1933 and 1945.

Just where were the GOOD MEN that allowed this horrific crime?

Not only were Jews murdered, but Serbs, Gipsies, homosexuals or anyone that did not “fit in”.

And the world stood by!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Germans and Austrians actually welcomed Hitler called him Führer {our leader}!!

Today this is whitewashed.

Here is a quote by Steven L Pease from his book, “The golden age of Jewish achievement”.

The Measure of Their Achievement©

There are, perhaps, thirteen to fifteen million Jews in a world of six billion people. Jews are so few in number that in a room of 1,000 people representing the world’s population, only two would be Jewish. A comparable sample from the United States would count only twenty-two Jews among 1,000 representative Americans.

In the sciences, Jews have won 22 percent of all the Nobel Prizes ever awarded – 29 percent of the prizes since 1950, after the Holocaust destroyed a third of their numbers. Given their small population, Jews should have earned only one of the 502 Nobels awarded for physics, chemistry, medicine and physiology. They have won 123.

The Fields Medal, awarded to the world’s brightest mathematicians under age 40, is the honor John Nash, of the book and movie A Beautiful Mind, had hoped to win. Instead, he took a Nobel Prize in economics as a consolation prize. One-fourth of the Fields Medals winners are Jews.”

So why is this race so persecuted? I think evil men have no bounds and work to destroy! Their God is financial gain, self-satisfaction and power.

The main problem is that good men cannot confront evil.

This is the truth!!!

Even in small things. Do we stop at the site of an accident? Do we really look at who we vote for in our elections to govern, or do we let the sensationalism of newspapers sway us.

So now China is our new trading partner!! Not only it is a communist regime, it also invaded Tibet in 1949. This is an issue of Human Rights; the Tibetan’s right to practice their religion.

Then we hear about the horrible crimes and human body harvesting of the religious sect of the Falun Gong.

We really have to watch who we call friend and trade with. What will be the long term effects of trading with such a nation?

Where are the good men?

Cuba was the enemy, now it is a “friend”. In a few years time, will the Islamic State become our trading partners, just like China?

It definitely appears that men are motivated by money and not their conscience. They are not looking at future consequences; just the present and a ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude!

The answer is to look at what our actions will create in the future and try and confront evil.

I call on all good men to take notice and see if we can band together to stop evil.