Is there a formula for being successful in business?

I found one when following my mother Georgina and I am well on the way.

“Georgina Holocaust Memoirs” is a bestseller and was No1 on Amazon several times.

I felt compelled to write this down as I knew it would help others. I believe that following these eight steps will assist you on your business journey regardless of the industry you wish to be in.

So, let me tell you how Georgina went to the top and became a very successful businesswoman.

In 1957, we arrived in Australia with very limited funds. We spoke no English. Georgina also had the added burden of two teenagers who needed guidance and looking after.

My father got a job very quickly as he was a mechanic and speaking English was not that necessary for this trade. He was also good at what he did.

Mum started trying to find some work and discover what she could do.

She loved fashion and clothes.

The first lesson to learn:  Find something that you are good at, passionate about or interested in.

The second lesson to learn: Believe in yourself and have the sheer guts and tenacity to stand by your beliefs.

My mother Georgina began looking within her community to find someone who could help her.

She found a Hungarian Jewish businessman who owned a Fashion House. He assured her that he would give her a trial and outsource some garments for her to make.

My brother Andrew also wanted to support my mum (he was 16 at the time). He found an apprenticeship as a cutter of garments at another factory.

When I say, “sheer guts,” I mean that Georgina got straight into it and hired premises, sewing machines and advertised for dressmakers. I must stress strongly Georgina could not sew! AND her English was lousy!

One of the first applicants that applied for the job was a wonderfully talented woman. She recognised in Georgina something that was powerful, full of passion and hardworking.

The third lesson to learn: Surround yourself with people that are successful or genuinely want to help you.

The fourth lesson to learn: In here I am going to use a quote from “Gothe.” Georgina applied this quote to her actions, without knowing it existed. She applied this quote to her life by instinct:
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy,

The chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness

concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth,

The ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans


The moment one commits oneself, the Providence moves too all sort of things occur that would never otherwise have occurred

A whole stream of events issues from the decision

Raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamt would come their way.

 Whatever you can do or dream you can 

Begin it

Boldness has genius power and magic in it 

Begin now

This might be esoteric but it was true 200 years ago when it was written, is still true now, and will be a thousand years from now.

When one has the intention to be successful magic happens, just do not give up!

The Fashion House loved the garments made in Georgina’s little factory. The business flourished.

More dressmakers were hired. More fashion houses were contacted. There was plenty of work! We could pick and choose who to work for.

The original Fashion House had a meeting with Georgina. They only wanted her to work for them. A contract was therefore put in place so they received all that she could supply.

The fifth lesson to learn: When you have a good employee or supplier, Appreciate them, go out of your way to keep them happy. This will add stability to your business: then it can grow!

As time went on, the business just grew. Andrew was now 19 years old and completed his apprenticeship. Mum could afford to pay him. I also joined the business and was training to be a designer and pattern maker.

One day Andrew figured out that if the factory moved to the city and into larger premises and had a cutting table that was over ten meters long, the garment patterns could be mixed between the small and larger sizes. This saved over 10% in the calculation of the fabric cost.

So for example, if the fashion house asked for a garment that will need 2meters of material, on a 10-meter table there was a saving of 1meter of fabric every 10 garments.

This would belong to us as it was not part of the Fashion House cost calculations.

The extra garments made this way were called “cabbage” and sold at the markets.

We moved into the city and now getting staff was even easier. At first, mum went along with the idea of the “Cabbage.” She then had a better idea so she had a meeting again with the owners of the Fashion house. She made a proposal to them that meant they would buy back their own garments.

Now, working together was in the Fashion House interest also. It would mean they would save even more fabric.

The sixth lesson to learn: In a business relationship, look at both sides and strive to achieve what is the best for both. Don’t be selfish as you will most likely lose. When one only looks at their own benefit and their own contribution, most successful ventures divide.

The saying, “it is better to give than to receive,” holds to be true.

Georgina paid her staff on production very generously, so they were loyal to her and therefore were willing to help increase her business.

The seventh lesson to learn:  Work hard, be ethical, be smart. From this reflection, some may say Georgina did not work and got others to work for her. NO!!!

Her job was to find a continual well-paid work for her factory. To keep the employees in a good job with a good wage! Her promotion of the factory was excellent. The factory did a good job, but it was promoted so well by her that fashion houses wanted us to make their garments, we didn’t have to chase them for them to give us work. The business was envied by most in the industry.

The eighth lesson to learn: Get a great legal team to support you. A great lawyer, accountant and develop an affiliation with your industry association. For example, in my industry, the “Australian Society of Authors,” is a very valuable connection to have. This is relatively inexpensive and unfortunately, in today’s world, there are people out there who want something for nothing.

When you do well, some people choose to come out of the woodwork and can attack you when you least expect it. It is good to protect yourself in foresight. Hence having these connections are important.

There are nasty people out there who may be jealous of your success. Handle them and move on. Don’t let them upset you. I have a saying:”NEXT” and continue.

This completes the eight-point list to success.

However, there is just one piece of advice I can give. I also learned this from Georgina.

When one achieves their goal following these eight points to success, you will be successful.

Now find other games to play, a new challenge in the same industry or a different one.

Unfortunately when one achieves a goal they stop and go backwards and they no longer have a game. They can become sick or even die. When you read “Georgina holocaust memoir stories” Georgina constantly found new challenges and goals throughout her life.

Remember Goethe’s quote: “Boldness has genius power and magic in it “

The fundamental truth is that it is not the goal but the journey in achieving that goal that gives us power and happiness.

Georgina and I wish you well

Georgina with Andrew

Georgina with Andrew

Mum and I

Mum and I

Mum, Grandma and a Staff member at the back of the factory

Mum, Grandma and a Staff member at the back of the factory