Sholet –The traditional Jewish meal on the Shabat

The sholet was made traditionally on a Friday then put in the oven on a low heat and taken out at Saturday at lunch time. This way no cooking was done on the Shabat the holy day in Jewish religion.

Here is the recipe:

Ingredients holocaust_recipes_sholet-001

Ingredients: Paprika

1 cup full Pearl barley

1 onion

2 cups barlotti beans soaked overnight

Traditionally smoked beef bones ( other smoked meat will be OK)

1 large pot

1 baking dish


Method sholet-002

Fry paprika and onions until onions are transparent.

Add water to cover bones and cook for about an hour.

Add beans, barley and cook until meat falls off bones

Take meat out, chop into small pieces discard the bones.

Place in baking dish and slow bake.

Alternative add some carrots and do not bake but leave it as a soup.