Author and Speaker, Gabriella Kovac Talks Stepping Outside the Square, Holocaust Survival and Having Fun

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Who Gabriella is and what she tells people what she does when people ask her (2:00).
  • The message we can take away from her book (4:00).
  • Her mother’s story of survival and strength and how she became that way (5:25).
  • What Gabriella’s mother always told her and what she heard daily (8:30).
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are (14:00).
  • What gave her the courage to do the things she’s done in her life (15:00).
  • Thoughts about failure, and the answer to it (16:37).
  • What she does for fun (23:00).
  • Gabriella’s CTA (Call to Action) (26:59).
  • Gabriella’s definition of Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings (28:45)

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