With the month of October on us I cannot help but recall the events of 1956. The Hungarian Revolution!

I look back to those times and events with the eyes of hindsight. It is also a lesson in the Universal law of right and wrong.

As a child I was a witness to most of these incredible events

The first experience I had were gunshots in the early morning. Was I scared? NO! It was my birthday so I thought it was a celebration. The truth was a revolution had started in Hungary!!

This was 1956. The Hungarian revolution was against Communism and suppression by Russia.

At the same time, in Melbourne, Australia, it was time for the 1956 Olympics.

As I will explain, these two vastly differed historical events had a common dominator.

Originally, the Russians were losing and were willing to leave Hungary.

As a little girl I was witness to these exiting and historical times. There was free press and a sense of freedom in the air.

The New Hungarian government sent an Olympic team to Australia. We had the water polo team in the world, we were unbeaten! So we knew we had a significant chance of winning the gold medal. For a small country like Hungary, this was a great achievement!

It was also decided by the new free government that they would send a delegation to Russia to renegotiate the terms of Russia’s withdrawal. The minister chosen by the new government was Kadar.

Unfortunately, Kadar was a communist since the First World War, and a traitor. When he arrived in Russia it was already decided to put the revolution down! So Kadar decided to change sides. Kroschov, the Russian president, decided to send him back with the Russian Army and tanks to put down the revolution so Kadar could then become the New President.

Yes. I saw those Russian tanks arrive from the window of our flat!!

What happened next I will never forget. One night sitting in our flat we saw gun fire from the window. Our next door neighbour came in and said, “Do not be scared; they are shooting from here not at us.”With that, she sat by our front window and started her knitting. Every time there was fire she would call out, “Now!”This was followed by a loud bang. My brother, our neighbours son, and I played cards all night and calmly listened to the sound of, “Now!” then the Bang!

The next morning when we went out we realised our block of units was the only one standing with shrapnel in the fence like decorations on a Christmas tree. They had been shooting at us the previous night!!

Well, the revolution was put down by the Russians and the Hungarian, Kadar. Over 200,000 Hungarians left Hungary.

But what happened in Australia? Well, as the Hungarian polo team was winning against Russia, the Russians attacked the main player in the water from behind despite thousands of spectators watching. There was blood in the water at the Olympic stadium! The Russians were disqualified and the Hungarian team won the Gold medal!!

And so we come to Karma.

In putting down the revolution, Kadar executed his comrades. He justified his actions by saying he had no choice and Hungary was better off under his rule than the Russians.

Unfortunately, justifying an evil act does not work in the true laws of the universe. After a long and horrible illness with cancer he lived just long enough to know on his death bed that he would die. Hungary got its freedom and the Russians left Hungary. Kadar’s grave was desecrated so he did not rest even in death.

In summary, I have found over the years that one’s evil acts will eventually catch up regardless of when and how.

This is KARMA.