Survivors and Oral History

Holocaust Survivors – Oral history with family photographs. [Link]Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories – University of Michigan. Contains complete transcripts including audio for approximately 12 interviews.

Great Site lots of pictures in a very accessible form

Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation – A website dedicated to the history of Jews who escaped ghettos and work camps and who then took up arms against the Nazis. The site contains interviews, articles and other information.

This is a great site – love it. It is about fighting back

Holocaust and War Victims Tracing and Information Center – American Red Cross.

This is the Red Cross site. Not just Holocaust related

The Louisiana Holocaust Survivors Project – Tulane University – Contains several transcripts as well as some audio portions.

Another teaching site for teachers

Voices of the Holocaust – Illinois Institute of Technology. Over 100 interviews complete with transcript and audio.

Regional Histories

An Unknown Chapter: Holland Under the Third Reich

Interesting read – we need more study deals with the Holocaust of Holland