General Holocaust History

Information Resources:

This web site deals with students at San Francisco Urban School conducting interviews with Holocaust Survivors, categorising the interviews and making them accessible in a public domain. They are asking for contributors and information. This is a good site to approach.

The Nizkor Holocaust Educational Resource

This appears to be a massive site for information. The site even takes on those who disclaim the Holocaust. If information is needed to write articles, this site is a great starting point.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center

This is also an enormous information site on WWII and the Holocaust. The difference is they are asking for donations, membership renewals and have a shop that sells videos, Anne Frank books and other Jewish articles.

Holocaust Education Resources for Teachers

This site contains some embedded video of interviews – simplistic but nice to see this out there. Also contains some testimonials.

The site is set up for teachers and addresses how to teach about the Holocaust. It also asks for donations.