It appears that wars bring out the greatest evil and the best in mankind!

This is true!

During the Second World War, the atrocities created by Hitler and his men are well documented, but what about the heroes, are they to be forgotten?

As Shakespeare wrote in Mark Anthony’s speech:

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;

I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

The evil that men do lives after them;

The good is oft interred with their bones;


Yes, the heroes are often forgotten. It is up to us men of good will not to allow the heroes to be forgotten.

We seem to end up with what we promote.

If we promote the bad stuff we end up with bad, or if one fears something such as a bad knee, we surely end up with a bad knee.

The same goes for history. Now currently we have the problem with ISIS.


Thanks to Thomas Keneally ( ) author ofShindlers Arc”’s_Ark,and the film producer Steven Spielberg (, the incredible bravery of Shindler will never be forgotten.

How about the other heroes? In my book, Georgina ( I mentioned several heroes.

First there was Maria Szabics. Maria helped my mother Georgina get a false passport using her name. This was an incredible risk for Maria because, if discovered it could cost her her life. Nevertheless, she helped Georgina.

My admiration goes out to Fred (although I do not know his real name). This amazing man thought outside the box. He came up with a brilliant plan. He saved the lives of my father and five other men. How does one come up with an incredible idea to pose as bike repair men near the German army and not get caught? Amazing!

Then there was my uncle Andor. He walked into the Hungarian Ghetto and took my grandmother out!!

On visiting the Jewish museum (, the heroes are highlighted with their own individual stories. There are many that would have been forgotten if not for the museum. The most famous of them all was Raul Wallenberg – The Angel of Budapest. A Swedish diplomat (,

Raul helped thousands of Jews by issuing Swedish passports and creating Swedish safe houses for Jews.

It is an absolute disgrace to Human Rights that this amazing man simply disappeared behind the iron of curtain of Russia. No one knows what happened to him even to this day. How is this possible?

In Hungary there is a circle of statues dedicated to the famous Kings of the past. It is called Heroes Square.ősök_tere 1024px-Heroes_Square_Budapest_2010_01

Why could we not have a similar circle of modern Heroes that our children can relate to?  It would be wonderful to have school excursions to a new Heroes Square.

Children need guidance. It is unfortunate when our leaders have nothing better to talk about than “gender toys”. For example, Senator Larissa Waters on the news on Tuesday 2nd of December.
What is our world coming to when what present to buy our children is more important to a senator?

I think it is vital to educate our children about our present day heroes. If we do not they could inherit a world controlled by ISIS!