2 Large bunch of fresh spinach or 1kg frozen spinach

1 large bunch of spring onions

4 eggs

50 gm pine nuts

200gm Feta cheese

200ml thickened cream

1 lemon

¼ cup of rice flour

2 sheets of Puff pastry

6-7 sheets of Fillow pastry

26 cm diameter lose base flan dish


Step 1) Cook spinach or use frozen spinach

Step 2) Clean, chop up and cook spring onions

Step 3) Add eggs to chopped cold spinach and mix

Step 4) Crumble and add Fetta Cheese

Step 5) Add a couple of drops lemon juice to cream then mix in mixture

Step 6) Add all other ingredients mix well

Step 7) Line Flan dish with Puff pastry and pour in spinach mix

Step 8) Bake pie for approximately for 1 hour or until a knife you put in the middle comes out clean.

Place pie on table and open Fillow pastry and crumble around 6 sheets on top of pie to decorate

Note when placing pie back in oven, be very careful as the Fillow pastry bakes very quickly

When the pie looks ready take out from oven.

It is now ready to eat. Serves 8-10 slices

Other versions of the basic Pie recipe.

Version one:

This is using a much smaller 12cm diameter loose base fancy flan dish

In here I only use puff pastry for closing the spinach pie top as well baste the top with egg yolk as a glace

Version Two:

This is using only the Fillow Pastry, fold the pastry to 10 cm wide then fill with the spinach and fold creating triangles . Baste with egg yolk as a glace. Can be sprinkled with sesame seed.