Gabriella describes her mother’s story as an incredible true story of one woman’s bravery and daring in Hungary during the Holocaust and through the brutal communist Regime beyond. To me it was much more. We get an idea of the depth of content by looking at the imagery on the front cover. The powerful symbols of the Nazis and Communists present the political turmoil that Hungary endured from the end of WW1, through ww2and to the Hungarian uprising in 1956. I knew virtually nothing about Hungarian political history until I read this book.

So that was the setting for Georgina’s story but as I read on I found other stories….Stories about her audacious husband and wiley bother. All three people needed to be masters of deception and bluff to escape a number of dangerous situations….Georgina’s father was an extremely successful businessman and Georgina learnt much from him. This stood her in good stead during difficult times.

I could not put this book down except to go to the toilet. It was a fantastic read. “Georgina” by Gabriella Kovac. I highly recommend it and say to Gabriella “Mazel tov” which I believe means “Congratulations” in Yiddish.