The other day a friend of mine mentioned that a mutual acquaintance, who just happens to be Hungarian in his late forties, was very critical of my book, “Georgina”.

He stated that it was unethical for my mother to be on the “black market” in Hungary during the 1950’s Communism era as she deprived others while living well herself.

I was quite hurt that this “friend” could not say to my face what he did not like but behind my back was spreading poison. I wonder if he is ill-informed or just sour grapes.

Of course this is just uninformed carping criticism! First of all, manufacturing and selling goods of her own creation created employment for a lot of people who could have starved otherwise. No, she did not pay TAX to the government, but the tax she should have paid would have gone to Russia, definitely not help the Hungarian people. Not forgetting that private business was not allowed much less one owned by a woman and a Jew. Anti-Semitism was prevalent under communism and still exists in Europe.

Unfortunately, I heard similar criticism from others some who suffered under Hitler and were sent to the Ghettoes during the holocaust. I do very much feel for these people, but then again I think  it is a lot braver to stand up to your suppressers and use your wits to outsmart them. That takessheer guts. That is why I wrote my book “Georgina”. There are evil men in this world; one just has to look around. Should we let them get away with their crimes or stand up to them any way we can?

I also had a lady being quite confrontational. She suffered through the holocaust and WWII with the Nazis and was the only remaining member in her family, then faced further discrimination under communism. She escaped after the Hungarian uprising as soldiers shot at them as they crossed the border to Austria. Her problem was; how dared Georginabuy 12 passports and come to Australia “legally”? She said this was not possible, because she was shot at while crossing the border.

Well, I wrote the truth. We came to this wonderful country quite legally. I thank my mother daily for her ingenious mind and ability to survive, for saving all our lives and giving us a better future!

I can only wonder at the people who are affectedso badly by life they hate and criticise others who have the initiative to get out of the daily grind and survive the Holocaust. They should take a clue from successful people and better their own circumstances. You can always start again and make a better life.

In my life, I started as a dress designer, became a mom, changed and worked as a receptionist, and now I’m a self-published author. Life is a challenge and we all have the choice of being a failure or a success. The more we hate someone who has done well and put them down, the less we do well ourselves. This is a natural law.

The most important observation I made in my tours of Author Talks is the people who are critical of my book “Georgina” are the ones who have not bothered to read it.  How do you criticise something you have not read?

Finally, I must thank the hundreds of readers out there who have read “Georgina” and tell me that they loved it, learned from it and could not put it down until they had finished my book.